Configuration of a Unifi USG

Having recently upgraded our home network to Unifi, I figured it would be useful to record some of the configuration changes i’ve made.

I have set up the network with two main VLANs – our normal VLAN, and an IOT network. The aim of the IOT network is to seperate IOT devices from the rest of the network. At the moment I havent implemented any block rules yet – i have been trying to get everything working as normal first before I start blocking traffic.

As well as the two local networks, I also am running two wireguard interfaces on the USG – one for incoming connections and one which establishes an outgoing connection.

For the incoming interface I can connect from my phone, I also have a VPS that I use for various purposes – I am now allowing this to connect into my network and then the majority of services run across that interface now instead of over the public internet.

The first configuration change I had to make was adding configuration to dnsmasq

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