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  • Configuring Multicast DNS and IGMP across VLANs on Unifi

    Since I have two VLANS, some things stop working if I am trying to use a device on one network from the other. As an example, at the moment I have put my Sonos speakers on the IOT VLAN, but i want to be able to control that from my mobile which connects to the […]

  • Adding host records and cnames to a Unifi USG

    At the moment I have my local domain name set to gsellis.com – the first issue I came across was that I lost the ability to look up my domain names on the internet – because the USG held the record of truth for gsellis.com. I am fairly sure I should be able to configure […]

  • Configuration of a Unifi USG

    Having recently upgraded our home network to Unifi, I figured it would be useful to record some of the configuration changes i’ve made. I have set up the network with two main VLANs – our normal VLAN, and an IOT network. The aim of the IOT network is to seperate IOT devices from the rest […]