Author: Gareth

  • Wireguard on Unifi

    In a recent Beta firmware for various Unifi cloud consoles, Teleport was released. Under the covers, this appears to be run over wireguard. I have been using Wireguard as VPN for some time, though when I migrated off my USG I have had to run this from a raspberry pi in my network instead. After […]

  • Valid SSL certificate on a UDR

    I recently got a Unifi Dream Router as an upgrade from the Unifi Security Gateway. One of the differences is that the controller is hosted on the router itself, i quite often use the local access as opposed to going via Since this is exposed locally on 443, i wanted to be able to […]

  • Configuring Multicast DNS and IGMP across VLANs on Unifi

    Since I have two VLANS, some things stop working if I am trying to use a device on one network from the other. As an example, at the moment I have put my Sonos speakers on the IOT VLAN, but i want to be able to control that from my mobile which connects to the […]

  • Adding host records and cnames to a Unifi USG

    At the moment I have my local domain name set to – the first issue I came across was that I lost the ability to look up my domain names on the internet – because the USG held the record of truth for I am fairly sure I should be able to configure […]

  • Configuration of a Unifi USG

    Having recently upgraded our home network to Unifi, I figured it would be useful to record some of the configuration changes i’ve made. I have set up the network with two main VLANs – our normal VLAN, and an IOT network. The aim of the IOT network is to seperate IOT devices from the rest […]

  • Monitoring of an IVT Vent 302

    I have an IVT Vent 302 for heating. Along with the heatpump, there is also an addon – IVT Anywhere Gateway. This enables the heatpump to: Be controlled remotely via an app Decide when to heat the house/water according to the current energy price Events currently being monitored: /system/sensors/temperatures/switch /system/sensors/temperatures/supply_t1 /system/healthStatus /dhwCircuits/dhw1/actualTemp /system/sensors/temperatures/return /heatingCircuits/hc1/actualSupplyTemperature /system/sensors/temperatures/outdoor_t1

  • Configuring OpenVPN

    After my vpn stopping working due to changes in openssl, i reinstalled it on a newer raspberry pi and tried to move my keys over – this didn’t work, first due to the diffie hellman only being 1024 bytes, then for some reason my client couldn’t negotiate tls, so rather than invest time getting the […]

  • Debugging SQS::QueuePolicy in AWS

    At work I needed to deploy an SQS queue along with policies to restrict access to the correct roles. I came across an annoying error, which took way to long to figure out. I originally started writing this as I assumed it would be some obscure problem that could affect other people… reality it was […]

  • Getting settled in

    It’s now the Sunday of my first complete week in Sweden. I hoped I’d have sorted more out than I have. After being offered a job last week, I got the contract through on Tuesday and went straight down to Skatteverket to register and get a personnummer. This seemed to go well, as the person […]

  • The long journey

    A few days ago I completed quite a long drive from the UK to Sweden. The journey length was about 1100 miles. The route I took was :   All in all I spread the drive over three days, the first driving in the afternoon to Dover where I stayed over night. Then on the […]