Valid SSL certificate on a UDM Pro

As a follow on from Valid SSL certificate on a UDR, here is an update for the UDM Pro.

I recently upgraded again to a UDM Pro, after the December offer on both UDM Pro and the G4 Doorbell Pro.

I have got round to setting it up and discovered my instructions for valid SSL certificates on a UDR don’t work on the Unifi Dream Machine Pro.

I am running Unifi OS 3.2.9, which is slightly newer than I was running on the UDR, so can’t be 100% sure if it’s a change in Unifi OS 3.2.9 or just a difference on the UDM Pro.

The file location is the same, so you need to overwrite unifi-core.crt with fullchain.pem and unifi-core.key with privkey.pem. However, restarting unifi-core automatically regenerates a new self signed certificate. I saw that it is actually nginx that is serving the local pages on 443, so restarting that service is enough to get the new certificates to be picked up. The unfortunate thing is that likely a reboot of the UDM Pro will mean the certificate gets replaced again.

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