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  • Getting settled in

    It’s now the Sunday of my first complete week in Sweden. I hoped I’d have sorted more out than I have. After being offered a job last week, I got the contract through on Tuesday and went straight down to Skatteverket to register and get a personnummer. This seemed to go well, as the person […]

  • The long journey

    A few days ago I completed quite a long drive from the UK to Sweden. The journey length was about 1100 miles. The route I took was :   All in all I spread the drive over three days, the first driving in the afternoon to Dover where I stayed over night. Then on the […]

  • The final countdown

    Yesterday we finally exchanged contracts on the sale of our house. That means that on the 28th September we will complete the sale, and can begin our move to Sweden. We’ve been planning this for a while now, so it’s quite exciting to finally know that it’s happening – though also slightly nerve racking, given the […]